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Photogrammetry software unleashed

Free your aerial data from restrictive applications and subscription pricing. Our no-nonsense, pay-as-you-go pricing model scales with you as you grow.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing: 2¢ Per Megapixel

How does it work:

Once you are ready to process your model we charge a one time fee of 2¢ per megapixel (MP) of drone/UAS source imagery. That means you can create a high-resolution 15-acre (~60,000 ) model with us for a “forever” cost of just $80.

From those two hundred, 20 MP source photos we will create a model at a detailed 1cm resolution, with all source files and resulting models always available in your Mapware space.

What we don't charge fees for:

  • Cloud storage - Keep your data on the cloud with us forever
  • Upload your data to our cloud without arbitrary ingress limits
  • No egress charges - Retrieve and share your data from Mapware
  • Share with your team and external customers with unlimited seats

See Mapware in action.

Start building digital twins with a trial account to explore what our next-generation photogrammetry software can do. New users receive $2000 in credits.

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Frequently asked questions

How many users can I work with on a project?

You get unlimited user seats for team collaboration or to share with external audiences. We base our pricing on data processing not number of users. You can set permission levels to fit a variety of collaboration needs.

Do you limit the number of images that can be added to a project?

You can upload an unlimited number of files to a project, including images, GPS files, and ground control point files.